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It's September of 1950 in San Fransico and your enjoying the breeze coming off the ocean.  Little do you know the Navy has been testing the threat of bio weopons on you and you family for a number of days now. Does this sound like a story or part of our countries past? This was Operation Sea spray and It is not the only time unethical human experimentation has happened in this country. Look up Operation LAC or the New York subway testing on June 6, 1966, oh and Grab one of these limited edition decks before they are gone!



-Each deck comes with a sheet of Jessup Grip tape

-We plant one tree for every board we manufacture via PLANT ONE TREE

-Additional discounts for donated skateboard equipment are available.  Please contact us before purchase. Must be able to ship gear to our location or deliver in person, Charlotte, NC. All boards will be donated to children in need through BOARDS FOR BROS, CHARLOTTE CHAPTER


Our SEA SPRAY is made in our climate controlled shop, using 7 plys of only the best Canadian Maple and our special formulated cold press glue. Leaving you with a deck full of pop, perfect for riding anything from street, parks, and pools. 



    DARKWOODS BOARD CO. LLC, is not responsible for any personal or property injury caused to you or someone you know in any way, shape, or form when the injury involves our skateboards or skateboard products. Once purchase is complete you agree to the following: I will not hold DARKWOODS BOARD CO, LLC responsible for any injuries or damages caused to myself or someone I know (be it as a gift or usage) or to property (be it my own or someone else) due to riding, moving, or displaying my DARKWOODS BOARD CO, LLC product(s).

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