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Ever hear about a cat spy? Yes, this really was a thing and it was called Operation Acoustic Kitty. This project cost over 10 million, so it's said and involved implanting listening devices into cats and training them to obey commands. The CIA had hopes that they could train the cats to sit near foreign officials so they could transmit private conversations.  


Unfortunately the first test was a major fail when the cat wondered into the road and was hit by a taxi. 



    DARKWOODS BOARD CO. LLC, is not responsible for any personal or property injury caused to you or someone you know in any way, shape, or form when the injury involves our skateboards or skateboard products. Once purchase is complete you agree to the following: I will not hold DARKWOODS BOARD CO, LLC responsible for any injuries or damages caused to myself or someone I know (be it as a gift or usage) or to property (be it my own or someone else) due to riding, moving, or displaying my DARKWOODS BOARD CO, LLC product(s).

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